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I’m shameless. I don’t do reviews here often (er, ever), but when SudzyBaby‘s owner, Morgan, offered free samples in exchange for an honest review, I couldn’t pass it up. I have friends who swear by the products. To say I was excited to get my little package of goodies in the mail is an understatement. SudzyBaby is known for its all-natural, organic care products. You can read more about SudzyBaby on their website. Now, onto the review…

Laundry Detergent – Lemon Scent
This was the product I was most excited about. I opened the bag first thing (after snapping a picture) and took a deep whiff. It smelled amazing. It was fresh and lemon-y and just perfect. I don’t know how else to describe the scent, other than to say I was excited about my clothes smelling like it! I threw a medium-sized load of my clothes into the washer and tossed in a couple of scoops of the laundry detergent. I was a bit disappointed. My clothes were clean and didn’t smell dirty, but they didn’t smell lemon-y at all. I thought they would for sure, considering how strong the scent is in the package.
I shrugged it off and moved on to a load of Lorelai’s clothes. Full load this time. I did 2 scoops of the detergent. This load smelled a lot fresher, though again, not distinctly lemon-y.
Third load was DH’s work clothes… it didn’t touch them. I ended up re-washing the entire load in our regular detergent.
Overall Thoughts: I liked this product for Lorelai’s clothing, and will continue to use it. It’s great for sensitive skin and is all-natural. It cleaned her clothing well. The website said it’s powerful enough to handle all laundry, but I’m not 100% in agreement with that statement. It neither cleaned nor scented my husband’s heavy work clothing. The website also says it’s specially designed for cloth diapers – I don’t have a little on in diapers, so I can’t really comment on that.

Hemp Balm
These are two of the other products I had been looking forward to reviewing. On the SudzyBaby website, it is said that Hemp Balm works wonders on eczema, diaper rash, dry skin and more. Lorelai is older and no longer in diapers, but she does has a BIG eczema problem on her belly and thighs. Her pediatrician recommended quick baths and lotion at night, but those changes didn’t do much. She still woke up nightly crying because of the itching. Before making her another appointment, I decided to try out SudzyBaby’s hemp balm. The balm itself is great. Very smooth and a little goes a LONG way. I rubbed it all over her belly and legs. It worked well, though she was back up the next night itching. I also tested the Hemp Balm on my elbow. As it’s supposedly good for dry skin, I figured it would help out my ashy elbow – don’t laugh. I get this serious patch of dry skin every year around this time and it drives me crazy! So I rubbed a little bit of hemp balm on it before bed a few nights and it almost completely cleared it up!!
Overall Thoughts: I really liked this product! I think it would be great for diaper rash since it seals in the moisture. It also worked wonders on my patch of dry skin.

Extreme Cream
I honestly hadn’t heard anything about the Extreme Cream from SudzyBaby, but I’m SO GLAD Morgan included a small sample in with the other items. I’m totally sold on this. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t crazy about the smell when I first opened the container, but that didn’t last long. It’s a cool, refreshing cream, that works VERY well on eczema. If you or your child has eczema, go buy some Extreme Cream. I’m not even kidding… it practically cleared up Lorelai’s eczema and helped her sleep through the night again (she was waking up every night because of the itching). Lorelai stayed at her Grandma’s house the other night and I sent the bottle in her bag… and guess what? She didn’t come home with it. I was so mad! Haha. I want our Extreme Cream back! I can’t believe my husband forgot to get it. =)
Overall Thoughts: Don’t hesitate, just buy it. It’s totally worth it.

Hemp Lip Balm & Foaming Hand Soap
I was pleasantly surprised to see these two products included in the package. The Hemp Lip Balm is smooth and it stayed on my lips for hours. I definitely recommend it, especially this time of year! The Foaming Hand Soap is amazing. It’s very refreshing and was loved by everyone in our home. A squirt is sufficient and for being used all the time, it really has lasted a while.

Overall Notes:
I really enjoyed the package from SudzyBaby. I can’t say enough great things about the Extreme Cream, Hemp Balm, and Foaming Hand Soap. You really have to try them out! The laundry detergent is great for Lore’s clothes and the Hemp Lip Balm has managed to make my chapped lips unchapped, which is nothing short of a miracle for me! I really hope you’ll give SudzyBaby a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Head over to SudzyBaby.com to place an order.
Use the code ‘learncreatelove‘ for 15% off your first order!!

Please Note: while I do know Morgan, the owner of SudzyBaby, I was in NO way asked to give a positive review. She attached a note in the package asking for an honest review – that it would be refreshing to hear what a brand new customer honestly thought. Everything I said here can be taken at face value!

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