Printable Watermelon Craft… Version 2

Printable Watermelon Craft

Okay, so Lorelai did this watermelon craft last week. So why do another? For one, this one is different. Two, I was so disorganized a couple of weeks ago that I forgot that I even made the first one! I’m not kidding. Luckily, I didn’t do two of the exact same watermelon. =)

This one is great because if you don’t have a printer, you can very easily do this with a paper plate. Just cut in half, paint, and draw on the seeds. Or take it a step further and use dried black beans. Maybe Lore and I can do that one next week… keep the weekly watermelon craft going until the end of summer, lol. Kidding! Though, we really do love watermelons. We bought two yesterday and I doubt they’ll make it through the weekend.

Anyway, Lorelai painted, cut out, and then drew on the seeds all by herself. She was so proud, and for good reason – she did a great job! There are seeds included in the printable but they were two small for Lore to comfortable cut them out. Not a big deal though since the marker works fine. Print below and enjoy!

Open Watermelon Printable

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