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Growing up on a farm had many perks, including getting to see a lot of nature and wildlife. Skunks were pretty common around where I grew up as a child. I remember seeing a skunk once with eight babies trotting along behind her. They were ADORABLE and had tails that seemed to be twice the size of their little bodies! Making this craft brought back some great memories. A big thanks goes out to Ashley for suggesting this one!

I designed the skunk with a very large tail just like the skunk kittens I met as a kid. =)

Open Skunk Printable

Facts About Skunks
– Skunks are known for their powerful scent. They spray a horrible-smelling odor that is hard to remove. It’s their greatest defense against predators.
– Most skunks are the size of a house cat.
– All skunks are black and white, but their spots or stripes can vary depending on what type of skunk they are.
– Skunks nest in burrows, logs, and even buildings!
– Skunks eat a varied diet of fruit, plants, larvae, worms, eggs, and even fish.
– Read more about skunks here.

Video – Skunks are sometimes PETS!

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