Printable Rainbow Craft

Printable Rainbow Craft with Melted Crayon


Lorelai dipping the tip of the crayon in the low flame and pressing the crayon onto the rainbow paper.


Almost finished!

There are many ways to decorate this printable, but I wanted to try out a technique I saw (via Pinterest) on Helping Little Hands. This is one of those things that require common sense – is your child mature enough to do this with vigilant supervision? I had no doubt that Lore could do this one. She is, generally, very cautious after a warning about something. I mean, she refuses to budge a step in a parking lot unless I hold her hand! So, I knew she would be fine sticking the tip of a crayon into a candle’s flame. I was right there the entire time and I made sure she didn’t stick anything but the tip of the crayon into the flame. At almost 5, she did great, but I definitely don’t recommend this technique for younger children, or for those who have a hard time listening to warnings.

She loves rainbows. We’ve done a bunch of rainbow crafts: Hanging Rainbow Pasta, Rainbow & Puffy Cloud, Scratch-N-Sniff Rainbow

However, this is the first rainbow PRINTABLE that I’ve made, and she had a blast with it. Good alternatives to melting a crayon: markers, crayons, paint, fingerpaint, fingerprints with ink pads, tissue paper cut into small squares, magazine scraps, construction paper cut into small strips, etc.

So all around, a fun art project for after dinner. Lorelai was a bit worn out after a playing with a friend for 5 hours, but I think she always has a special reserve for doing crafts. I wish I had some of her energy! You can print the page below. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Open Rainbow Printable


  • 1 sheet of Cardstock Paper (to print)
  • Crayons, papers removed
  • Candle
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print the printable rainbow sheet (below)
  2. Remove the papers from the crayons.
  3. Light a candle with a small flame. Carefully dip the tip of the crayon into the flame of the candle and press the crayon down onto the paper. You won’t need to keep the crayon on the flame long – a few seconds at most.
  4. Do this until the entire rainbow is finished.
  5. Cut out the rainbow and clouds and glue down. You’re done!


This technique is not for younger children. Do at your own risk!! Just know your child and his/her maturity level. SUPERVISE AT  ALL TIMES!

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