Printable Pumpkin Picture Frame


Thanks to Lorelai for coming up with the fun idea of making a pumpkin picture frame! This took no time to design and was a super quick activity for this afternoon. Instead of paint, she used markers and the whole process took maybe 10 minutes. I printed the picture at home, which is why it’s not the clearest. Still, it came out really cute!

Open & Print: Pumpkin Picture Frame

What You’ll Need: a picture (4×6 landscape), a copy of our pumpkin picture frame printed on cardstock paper, markers, scissors, a bit of tape.

What To Do:
– Color your pumpkin. There’s no need to color the outlined box in the middle of the pumpkin – you will be removing that part.
– Once dry, cut out the pumpkin on the thick black line around the outside.
– Cut out the middle of the pumpkin (the rectangle) by poking your scissors through the middle and then cutting along the dotted line.
– From the back, tape your picture down.

You’re done! You can laminte the pumpkin after you cut it out to have a sturdier frame. So cute!! Check out our Fall Crafts & Thanksgiving Crafts for more fun craft ideas!

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