Printable Pretend Play Set: Airport


I have mentioned this many times, but pretend play/imaginative role play is one of our favorite activities. In the past, I have blogged about our adventures in pet adoption & vet clinics and showed you how we play restaurant/chef. We still play all three of those quite regularly. I decided to design this set when our Maryland trip was nearing.


The pictures of this set don’t do it justice… probably because we just sat on the porch and played. I didn’t want to take apart my parents’ house while we are here, so we just did the basic version. I plan to make little “stations” at home to go along with this set- her desk for check-in, little backpacks for luggage, etc. I will also laminate the tickets and tabs so we can re-use them.


Included in this set is the following:

  • Airplane Ticket
  • Check-In/Security Checklist.
  • Baggage Claim Tag
  • Pilot Name Tag
  • Flight Attendant Name Tag
  • In-Flight Menu

This fun activity would be great for young first-time fliers. It will give your child an idea of the traveling process. Print below and enjoy!

Open Pretend Play Airport Set

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  1. Wow! Great pretend play printables!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Pinning your ideas too. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! This is genius. My son is going to be traveling to Alaska with his grandparents, and I wanted a fun ‘ticket’ to include in his surprise of telling him about the trip. This was just the ‘ticket’!

  3. These are exactly the kinds of activities I want to see in the classroom, even for my second and third graders. So much can be learned. Thank you for doing this.

  4. During COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, I’m planning on taking my 5-year-old on a virtual trip to New York City. We’re going to use AR to visit the sights and museums. Bake giant pretzels and make his bedroom into a hotel. I can’t wait to use the aeroplane tickets to get us there! Thank you.

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