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Printable Craft: Mexican Folk Art Sun


We have been browsing the internet for Mexican folk art lately, as a nod to our Around the World series. I love the vibrant colors and patterns of traditional Mexican art, and decided to introduce it to Lorelai via this craft. There’s a local shop here that sells authentic Mexican art in this style, but unfortunately the hours are really weird and we won’t be able to visit until after our vacation. So we made do with internet and google images. =)

Lorelai decided to make her sun vibrant and full of patterns. I think it turned out really nice. The sun on the printable is almost connected, so it could double as just a coloring sheet if you don’t want to hassle with scissors. We decided to cut it out and glue it down onto a piece of construction paper. Print below!

Open Sun Printable

Books on Mexican Art:

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