Printable Craft: Blue Tang (Dory)

The blue tang is one of over 70 species of surgeonfish that live in coastal waters and coral reefs around the world. They are beautiful, deep blue fish with yellow and black on their fins and tail. Lorelai was so excited to see the “Dory” fish printable… it was the first one she wanted to paint when I showed her the recent set of printables I designed. We did a Nemo Craft a while back, but I decided to do a more realistic version of the fish this time around. After Lorelai crafted this one, I read her some facts about blue tangs. Check them out and print this craft below!

Open Blue Tang Printable

Facts About Blue Tangs:

  • Blue Tangs change color as they grow. Young fish are bright yellow with blue spots near their eyes, then change into the deep blue.
  • They have sharp teeth, which is important in ripping algae off of rocks and the reefs.
  • Adult fish grow to be about 12 inches long.
  • Surgeonfish (or tangs) are named so because of their sharp spines and tail. These help protect themselves against other predatory fish.
  • Blue Tangs are relatively flat fish (like a pancake), but are curvy when viewed from the side.
  • They like to sleep in holes in the coral reefs so that they are out of reach of predators.

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