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I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, so naturally I’ve had LOTS of exposure to blue crabs. Not only are they fun to look at, they are also fun to eat. I designed this printable crab craft for my daughter to make while we visit my family. She ended up using blue and green watercolors and it turned out great! She gave it to my mom, who is crab-obsessed. =) A while back, we also made this Printable Crab Craft, as well as this Handprint Crab Craft. Print this new craft template below and enjoy!

Open Crab Printable

Facts About Crabs
– Blue crabs are found in brackish, coastal lagoons and estruaries.
– They feed on almost anything they can get ahold of, including snails, fish, mussels, and even smaller blue crabs.
– They are excellent swimmers.
– They are an invertebrate.
– They live an average of 1-3 years in the wild.
– Their group name is “cast”.
– Read more about blue crabs here.


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