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The blue morpho butterfly has been on our to-make craft list for ages. Lorelai and I both were excited to get to craft this one a couple of weeks ago. I designed it as I have my other realistic butterfly crafts – I made the black parts on the wings solid so that Lorelai (and your little ones) would only have to focus on painting the blue parts. You can use a fine-tip paintbrush or q-tips! Lorelai did a lighter, metallic blue towards the inside center of the wings and blended it out to give it a more realistic look. I think she did a great job! =) Print below and enjoy!

Open Blue Morpho Butterfly Printable

Facts About Blue Morpho Butterflies:

  • They live in the tropical forests of Latin America; from Mexico to Columbia.
  • Adults mostly spend their time on the forest floor with their wings folded. But when mating, they will fly through all layers of the rainforest.
  • Their entire lifespan is only 115 days.
  • The underside of the blue morpho’s wings aren’t blue at all! They are brown with ‘eye spots’ – this helps keep predators away.
  • Learn more about blue morpho butterflies here.

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