Plastic Baggie Butterfly Craft


Are you looking for a simple yet totally adorable butterfly craft? Look no further! Our friends at HCD Jugando recently posted a photo of some plastic baggie butterflies that they made and we couldn’t resist making some, too! I immediately set the craft up so that Lore could make some when she got home from school.

butterfly craft (2)
This craft is soooo easy to make and it’s very versatile. You can put whatever you want in the baggies!

butterfly craft (3)
We used buttons, sequins, pompoms, and star beads to fill our butterflies’ wings! A big thanks to CraftProjectIdeas for supplying our star beads and colorful pompoms, and for this craft!

butterfly craft (4)
We used regular sandwich-sized baggies, filled them about halfway, then closed the baggie up. Fold down the zipper part and nudge the decorations to the sides so you’ll have a place to tie your pipe cleaner. Then just wrap your pipe cleaners around the middle a couple of times and cut off the excess at the ends (if there is any). Voila! You’ll have an adorable butterfly craft.

I hope you get a chance to make some adorable Plastic Baggie Butterflies! You can see our other butterfly crafts in the Bugs & Bird Section! Enjoy!

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