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4th Birthday Party Planning

Okay, I am well aware that it’s nearly 2am and I’m sitting here writing a blog post. Unfortunately, when my head is so full of thoughts, I can’t sleep. I’ve always been like this, and I know how to get rid of it: by writing. I’ve been preoccupied all day by the news of my mom’s impending visit! My dad called me this morning and asked me to book a plane ticket for my mom as a surprise (he paid) so that she could come down for Lorelai’s birthday. We are SO excited to have her come and to see her! Lorelai has NO idea that she’s coming and it’s going to be such an awesome surprise for her!

Anyway, onto the party… it’s going to be microscopic tiny because we’re hosting it in our apartment. We know for sure that there’s going to be at least 10 adults/older kids and 3 younger kids. We only invited a couple of Lorelai’s closest little buddies. Had we had the moolah to through her a big party like we originally wanted, they all would have been invited. (So if you’re reading this, please don’t take offense! We don’t have a ton of space in our apt!)

So I’m planning this awesome rainbow birthday party in a 1000 sq.ft. apartment on a pretty tight budget when it hit me that this is the year Lorelai will likely remember. This is the first birthday party that she will be able to talk about. And we’re having it in our tiny little apartment? Gee, mommy guilt with a side of cry-me-a-river, anyone? Then I remembered that it’s not about how big the party is, it’s about who attends and how fun it is for her… and THEN I remembered this FB friend of mine posting pictures of his son’s (or was it his daughter’s?) birthday where he blew up a hundred balloons and put them in a big bathroom for his kid to play in. GENIUS. Simply genius.

So while the main living area of our apartment will be taken over by adults, Lorelai’s room and our bedroom can be kid-central. I’m going to set up little ‘stations’ in Lore’s room with different activities – crafts/coloring pages, rainbow playdoh, dress-up, just regular toy-fun, etc. In our room, I’m going to make it BALLOON CENTRAL! I’m going to gate off the main part of the room and just have a ton of colorful balloons for them to play in, throw up in the air, and have fun in. It’s going to be the wow-factor in an otherwise boring birthday party.

At least I know MY kid will be thrilled to pieces, and really, it’s all about her right?! 🙂

Oh and check out this shirt I made her. It came in last week and it’s so cute! Very vibrant and the rainbow is whimsy, just as I wanted. I’m going to make her a very cute rainbow tutu to go with it!

Birthday Shirt
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