Painting with Squash

Making art and painting with alternative paintbrushes is always a fun venture. In the past, we have used evergreen leaves, flowers, celery, and even spaghetti – and it was all very well received. Of course, my daughter isn’t one to shy away from getting her hands dirty – in fact, the messier it is, the more fun she has. =)

I’m still visiting with my family on the East Coast and was helping my mom chop large amounts of squash. Lorelai was collecting the ends when she had the smart idea of using them to paint with. “Like we did with the leaves that one time.” So after we were finished cooking, I set Lore up at the table with her paints and squash ends and let her paint. She made several pictures, though the only one I got a photo of was the flower.

What You’ll Need – Squash ends of varying sizes. Eggplant, cucumber or zucchini would work fine, too! Cardstock paper, and paints.

I hope you get a chance to try out this alternative paintbrush idea. I loved that this one was open-ended. Once she had the materials, she was free to CREATE. =) Enjoy!

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