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Lorelai recently caught a few old episodes of Meerkat Manor with my husband and has been asking for a meerkat craft ever since. She decided to paint her meerkat pink with a glittery belly. Your little one can paint his/her meerkat whichever color, of course. Print below and enjoy!

Open Meerkat Printable

Facts About Meerkats

  • Meerkats are African animals that live with their families in large groups called communities.
  • They are roughly the size of a large squirrel.
  • They like to stand upright and gaze out at the African plains where they live. Mother meerkats often nurse their babies while standing.
  • Meerkats tend to work together in groups. Some serve as lookouts, watching for prey, while others work together to get food.
  • Meerkats will eat lizards, birds, fruit, and insects.
  • Meerkats live in burrows, and can move from one to another through an extensive tunnel-and-room system.
  • To learn more about meerkats, go here.

Books & Movies About Meerkats

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