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Have you ever seen a luna moth in person? I have, and recently! I was on the east coast visiting family last month when I came across one resting on the wooden frame of my parents’ back door. It was just hanging out with a couple of other pretty moths. Lore and I were both taken with how beautiful (and BIG!) the luna moth was. I snapped the picture below and added it to my list of crafts to design. Lorelai made her luna moth craft when we got back to Texas and it turned out really cute! Print below and enjoy!


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Facts About Luna Moths
– Luna moths have huge wingspans of up to 4 and a half inches! Their wings have eyespots on them to deter predators.
– They only fly at night in spring and early summer.
– The female luna moth lays around 200 eggs in patches on the bottom of leaves.
– It only takes 10 days for the eggs to hatch.
– Luna moths don’t have mouths, so they can’t eat. They only live around 1 week long; their only purpose is to mate.
– For more facts on luna moths, please go here.

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