Pink Widow Craft, Love Bug Pt II

I was asked for craft ideas for a birthday party. Something that can be done under 10 minutes and is cute, and my first thought was this spider craft we did this past fall for Halloween. Since Halloween has come and gone, and with V-Day right around the corner, why not a “love bug” instead? I’ll be the first to admit that I hate spiders. Ask anyone. I screech like I’m about to die if even the smallest one is near me (not something I can control, ya know?), but these handprint ones aren’t scary and are obviously not real.

So as a V-Day craft, we did pink paint and did a heart (leftover tissue paper, again) for the “butt” spot. It’s a pink widow love bug!

Mrs. Widow, a Love Bug

Making a mess while I take pics.

The bug took us 5 minutes to do with the materials out, if that. It’s basically just two handprints, toss down a couple of eyes and the heart, and you’re done. So easy, and very cute!

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