{ Lorelai Paints: Monet’s Pond }


Lorelai's Painting


Monet's painting that she was copying
Mixing colors

After dinner, I busted out the art book again and Lorelai picked a beautiful painting by Monet to copy. Why am I making her copy famous painters? A – I don’t have to make her paint. If you know her, you know she could spend all day with a paint brush and be completely content. B – It’s a great opportunity to get her to really observe, pick out small details, and try to get the brush strokes similar. You can see in her painting above that she is starting to catch onto some of those minute details – the pinkish hue in the lilly pads, for one.

She chose this water lily (one of mannnny) by Claude Monet. Such a beautiful piece!

I’m going to just ramble for a bit. Feel free to stop here.

We started off the week with a bang. After going to the drive-in this weekend (Ice Age 4 & Spiderman – both pretty good), we relaxed the rest of the weekend. We had plans to go out of town but they didn’t pan out, unfortunately. Today I took Lorelai to an indoor playground to get some wiggles out. She had fun playing for a few hours with some new little friends. After, we did a quick shopping trip to pick up some items I was missing (chicken breasts, because I accidentally left a bag full of meat – $20 worth, no less – in my car last week). We had this for dinner, and it was seriously yummy. Don’t judge me for the canned soups. I avoid them most of the time, but some nights we just need quick and easy!

I don’t think I mentioned it, but last week Lorelai got her hair cut! 6 inches are GONE and I couldn’t be happier. While I loved her longer locks, she has an extremely sensitive scalp (just like me) and would scream like a banshee whenever it came time to brush her hair. The new shorter locks are super cute and brushing her hair out after her baths is no longer a headache… I’ll take it!

She also had a doctors appointment that day. She’s completely healthy! She got a bunch of shots in preparation of school and that was…. so not fun. Poor girl!

Anyway, I’m going to stop typing and get some printables done. Lorelai is having withdrawals. =)

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