{ Lorelai Paints: Sunset on the Rouen }

Ready to go!
Book version - colors way off!
Lorelai Painting
Just a little messy!
Lorelai's version of Sunset on the Rouen

When Lorelai approached me tonight and asked to paint, I decided to make art time a little more challenging for her. I have several art books lying around that we both like to flip through from time to time. One of the paintings that Lorelai always commented on is Sunset on the Rouen by William Turner. So, it was so no surprise tonight when she chose to paint that one. The colors in the book (as seen above) are way off from the original painting & any picture found online… hence the super bright colors in Lore’s version. The picture is also very tiny so none of the cool details were present in the picture.

Anyway, she had fun learning about blending colors, going through one part of the painting at a time, and trying to make it look similar. She has already picked out the next painting she wants to do!

Afterthought: I was trying to finding this painting online. The book just has it labeled ‘Turner’. Two paintings came up – Sunset on the Rouen by William Turner, and The Scarlet Sunset by JMW Turner. They both look the same except the coloring on the images is different. The Rouen version is more colorful like the one in the book, hence I’m labeling it that. Any art buffs out there that can clear this up for me?

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