{ Plane Trip Home }

So we came home on Tuesday! Our flight was at 9 am and we landed in Houston at 11-ish (3 hour flight with the time change). Lorelai did so amazingly well. I love that we can fly now without me having to get stressed or worked up trying to calm her down or keep her in her seat. The flight wasn’t full, either, so we had an empty seat beside us- score! I also think that might be one reason why she didn’t stay in her seat the entire time. I was okay with it though, simply because she wasn’t bothering anybody by standing up in front of her seat.

A few Blackberry pictures:

Waiting to get on the plane. We fly Southwest, and this particular plane was the Shamu one. I busted out laughing when it pulled up to the terminal. Earlier I had asked Lorelai what color our plane was going to be, expecting her to say blue because that’s what I told her earlier, and she said white (she couldn’t see the plane at all – we got there early). “Okay, Lorelai… the plane will be white because you want it to be.” (I said it jokingly, not wanting to say different because she’s ultra-sensitive and didn’t want her to start yelling-  haha) I thought it was pretty funny that the plane ended up being white (partially) instead of the SW blue. =)

As we were boarding the plane, instead of going right into the seating area, she turned left and RAN past the flight attendants, into the cockpit. They were cool with it, though. She stood there and talked to them for like 5 minutes. I love Southwest. I hear all kinds of bad stuff on the news about them, but we’ve never had an OUNCE of trouble from them.

This last one was taken in the car on the ride home. She passed right out! No wonder considering she went to sleep late and got up ultra early. She was so incredibly happy to see her Daddy (as was I!) and kept saying stuff like ‘I love my Daddy! I missed my Daddy!’ and ‘Daddy, is this your new car? I love your new car!’ because she had gotten used to my parents’ SUV. =)

Mayo was so glad to see us, and especially his baby girl. He stood there hugging and kissing her for like 10 minutes. She, of course, ate it all up! I thought it was hilarious when we got home and settled in and he really looked at her and noticed the huge black and blue goose egg on her forehead! His eyes pretty much bugged out of his head, haha. (In case you’re wondering, my dad was babysitting her while mom and I went to the concert. She liked to pretend like she was cleaning with the mop and she ended up getting bonked in the head by the handle on the industrial mop bucket. You know the one you push forward to squeeze the water out of the mop? It’s spring-loaded and came back and whomped her… ouch!)

Anyway, so all in all… another excellent toddler-on-flight story from us. I’m glad I’ll be able to fly again in the future with her and not have to worry.

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