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October seemed the perfect month to post this creepy little bug! This is a Hercules beetle, a horned beetle native to the rainforests of Central and South America. My husband gave me the idea to design this craft, and my seven-year-old was definitely on board to paint it. We normally make sweet, smiling animals. This horned insect was an exciting deviation from our norm.

The printable itself is straight-forward. I had to help cut this one out since there are some thin pieces (legs) and the head is pretty tricky. When gluing down the back legs, look at the example on the printable as a guide – they don’t stick straight out. The beetle was designed from a side-view, so legs on the far side should be barely visible. Grab your printable below!

Open Hercules Beetle Printable

Facts About Hercules Beetles
– Hercules beetles are one of the largest species of beetles in the world.
– They are normally found in the jungles of Central and South America.
– They spend most of their time foraging through leaves on the forest floor in search of something to eat. The leaves are also good camoflauge for the beetles – it protects them from predators!
– Some Hercules male beetles are known to reach 7 inches in length, though that’s rare. Most are between 4 – 15cm.
– They are omnivores; it’s favorite meal being rotting wood, fruits, plants, and sometimes small insects.
– The Hercules beetle is said to be the strongest creature on earth for its size. It’s able to carry 850 times its own body weight.
– Its natural predators are bats, rats, birds, and some reptiles.
– Read more fun facts about Hercules Beetles here.

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