{ Handprint Easter Chick & Bunny Headband Crafts }

I’m so behind! This past week, Lorelai met up with some of her friends from the playgroup we’re a part of and they all did some cute and easy Easter crafts! We did a variation of the handprint chick last year and it was a big hit. She was really proud of her creations and had so much fun crafting at the park.

Handprint Chick

For the chick, you’ll need: Cardstock (for the background), yellow & orange construction paper, googly eyes, yellow paint, and glue.
What You Do: Cut out an oval for the body out of the yellow construction paper. Glue it down onto the cardstock. Paint your child’s hands yellow and press them down to resemble wings. Glue on the googly eyes and then cut out a triangle for the beak out of the orange construction paper. Glue that down. You can also cut out orange legs, but we went the easy route and Lorelai just drew on the legs with a pen.


For the bunny headband, you’ll need: 2 pieces of cardstock paper, tape, glue, and pink glitter glue (or paint/crayons/etc).
What You do: Cut out two strips about an inch to two inches-wide down the long side of the cardstock. Tape together to form a circle that will fit your child’s head. Cut two bunny ears out of the remaining cardstock (to make your life easier, fold the cardstock over and just cut both out at once). Have your child decorate, then glue down. So easy!

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