Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Lorelai got to choose today’s craft. We were browsing a few of my go-to craft idea websites and she quickly decided on another Christmas tree. I had seen something like this done before and thought it was so cute… so that’s what we did! She was so stoaked about this one – the evidence is in her face, haha.

Final Product. (She chose the black paper, lol.) Note to self: Don’t sit it upright until it’s completely dry!

What we used:

  • Construction paper: (2) sheets of green, (1) sheet of black, scraps of orange (trunk) and yellow (star)
  • Glue
  • Glitter Glue

I folded and cut the two sheets of green construction paper into 8 equal rectangles so that I could cut out all of her little hands at once. Then just glue them down onto the paper of your choice and decorate. Easy peasy.

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