Handprint Chick & Owl Crafts

Two for one today! I was going to do separate posts, but since they are both essentially the same craft, it made more sense to do them together. We did the chick yesterday and the owl today, to go along with the Color By Numbers sheet. Lorelai really enjoyed doing this. She helped trace her hand and glue everything down. 🙂

Handprint Chick... great as an Easter craft!
Handprint Owl. I should have made the body a little larger. It has a bat quality about it, LOL!

Materials We Used:

  • Colored Construction Paper (One for the body/wings, Orange for the beak/feet.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes

Directions: Trace your child’s hand onto the colored construction paper. We used yellow for the chick and blue for the owl. Cut out carefully. Cut out a body for the bird – we did two pieces for the chick and just one for the owl. Look at pictures for general shapes. First glue down the wings/hands, and then the body on top of that. Add eyes, beak, and feet. You’re done!

You could also just use cardstock and paint if you want it more involved for your child. Or you could do regular printer paper and crayons if you don’t have construction paper/cardstock. This one is pretty versatile!

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