Fuzzy Stick Bubble Wands Craft


Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day that kept us indoors. We went out to a local museum the day before so we were looking forward to having a quiet day at home. I brought out our craft supply cart and we went to work on these fun bubble wands. We made a Wire Bubble Wand a while back, but I wanted to make some more kid-friendly ones with Lorelai.


She really enjoyed making these, and did great at it! She came up with the crown design on her own.


You can use this Homemade Bubble Recipe to use with these bubbles. We ended up just using some bubbles that we bought at Wal-Mart. (Huge tub, only $3!) The worked perfectly.


Bubble Wand Materials:
— Fuzzy Sticks
— Beads
— Pencil (to twist the fuzzy stick)
Note: The fuzzy sticks and beads (Round Beads, Berry Beads) were gifted to us from our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com. Thank you!

What To Do:
– Start by bending one end of the fuzzy stick into the shape of your choice. Secure it around the “handle” (bottom part of the fuzzy stick) by twisting it. Be sure to squeeze tightly so the end doesn’t leave a sharp spot.
– Add your beads from the bottom, pushing it upwards. We used 3 large beads on each and it was a bit much (they bent after the bubbles were on it). I recommend only 2 or one.
– The fuzzy stick should hold the bead securely, but if it’s loose, bend the fuzzy stick at hte bottom of the bead to hold it in place. Check out the pictures above for some fun handle designs. (Twist the fuzzy stick around a pencil to get a cool spiral effect!)

I hope you get a chance to do this craft with your child. I see many bubble-blowing days in our future. =)

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