Fruit Bat Printable Craft


As members of our local zoo, we are able to visit as often as we like, and we go often! We never miss the fruit bat exhibit. It’s tucked away in a dark corner of one of the many buildings. Black lights enable us to view the upside down mammals as they hang from their perches and feast from baskets full of their favorite fruits.

We are back doing more fun animals from the Rainforest. Lorelai read about fruit bats in one of her library books and asked me to design a printable for her. The printable itself is pretty simple. It’s just a head and then the body/wings folded up. Lorelai painted hers black with some brown accents. There are guided lines for different shades if you would like your bat to be more realistic. Either way, it’s an easy and fun bat to craft!

Open & Print: Fruit Bat Craft

Print out the template above and enjoy! Here is another fun bat craft you can check out, as well as interesting facts!

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