Footprint Butterfly Craft


Materials: Cardstock (2), Tempera Paint, Marker, Glue, Scissors.

Footprint crafts are a good route to go with babies and small toddlers. They are for sure a lot easier than handprint crafts! While big sister was painting a craft a while back, I sat the baby down in her bumbo, painted her feet, and pressed it to a piece of cardstock. The bumbo was a good way to go – it kept her legs still and it was relatively mess-free. I did have to do a few prints in order to get this one – the first two were smeared a bit, but that’s normal! It might take several before you get the perfect one.

Once it dried, I drew on the wings and ATTEMPTED to do her handprints inside of them. As you can see, I ended up just sponge painting the golden paint instead. A sharpie was used for the outline.

For the border, I painted another piece of cardstock with the sponge brush and golden paint. Once everything was dried, I cut to size and glued the two together.

The whole thing only took a couple of minutes and I was left with a priceless keepsake. This would be awesome for a Mother’s Day/Grandparent’s Day/Birthday gift! Don’t forget to add the date!

Also, check out our Flower & Butterfly Round-Up post for lots of other butterfly craft ideas and printables!

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