Footprint Bumblebee Crafts


As far as crafting goes, baby footprint crafts are some of my favorites! We recently made some footprint hummingbirds that turned out really cute. I was excited to do this one with my 15 month-old, Maddie.

The best way to go about making footprint crafts with babies/toddlers is to sit them in their high chair or bumbo seat. I plopped her in the high chair, put some goldfish on the tray, painted her foot and pressed it onto the paper. (Tip: use a book behind the paper for a hard surface)

After the paint dries, use a fine-tip paintbrush and paint on the lines, wings, antennae, and smiley face. This one is SO easy and cute, and makes for a great grandparent gift or keepsake. Those little tootsies don’t stay little for long!


Of course, Lorelai had to join in on the action. That girl loves having her feet painted! =) As you can see, the bumblebees look cute painted both ways!

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