Sponge-Painted Fish

Fun sponge painting for summer... fishies!
Cut the sponge

Pressing the fish down - so easy!

How fun is this very simple craft/art project? Lorelai thought VERY! I bought a pack of 6 cheap sponges for a $1 at a new store near us and sacrificed one to make a shape. It was very easy slicing between the scrubber part and the sponge to separate. Then I carved a shape (a fish) out of the sponge. It was extremely simple and only took a couple of minutes. This afternoon Lorelai sat down and painted a piece of cardstock with watercolors, dipped the fish sponge into tempera/craft paint, then pressed down. She flipped the sponge over and did the same for the purple paint.

Overall, a very fun, almost costless, activity. Wash out your sponge when you’re finished and keep for future projects!

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