Fairy Clothespin Dolls

clothespin fairies

Good morning, crafters! Today’s craft is not a printable one, but it’s just as fun! We received some Wooden Clothespins from CraftProjectIdeas and we immediately put them to use. I have seen all kinds of dolls being crafted with them and was inspired to make some fairies with Lorelai.

I have mentioned this before, but this girl LOVES fairies! She is constantly coloring and crafting them in her free-art time. We have also read soooo many fairy chapter books before bedtime lately. It just made sense for our first Clothespin Dolls to be fairies!

The Materials Needed Are: (for one doll)
– A wooden clothespin
– Paint (skin color, color for the dress, and black for the facial features)
– Paintbrushes
– A Pom Pom
– Glue
– Construction Paper
– Scissors

NOTE: The clothespins, paint, paintbrushes, and pom poms were provided to us for free by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com!






What To Do:
– Have your child paint the clothespin. Do skin color on the circular end, and whatever color for the dress.
– Carefully paint on the face.
– Allow to dry.
– Now it’s time for the hair. Lorelai actually showed me this nifty trick with the pompom! Gently pull the pompom apart until you have enough for the hair. Glue it down!
– Once dry, cut out some wings out of your construction paper.
– Add a line of glue, and stick up inside the clothespin slit. Press down gently so that it adheres to the clothespin.

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Overall, Lorelai really enjoyed doing this craft. The fairies are currently “standing up” on her bookshelf next to her fairy books! I hope you are able to do some fairy crafts with your child!

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