Coffee Filter Poppies Craft

I saw a gorgeous painting of poppies by Suzan Hazard while browsing the web late last night. Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon her website, but I’m glad I did! Anyway, after seeing the painting, I went looking for poppy crafts and found this one on Kaboose. It looked easy enough, and it was! This one requires some work from a parent (just like most crafts) but it can be done in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any black pom poms, so I substituted with black pipe cleaners in the center. You could use pom poms, buttons, or even a marker to make a circle! All of the directions are on the original craft page, but I decided to do a walk through as well since I changed it up a bit. 🙂

Materials We Used (for ONE flower):

  1. 2 Coffee Filters
  2. Red or Orange Paint
  3. 2 Pipe Cleaners – one green, one black
Once dry, stack the two coffee filters on top of each other and fold in half. Fold in half again.
Cut off the two corners, rounding as you go. You will end up with clover-like shapes.
Next, stack so that all of the petals show. Then use 2
Flip your flower over. The left picture above shows what it will look like with both pieces of pipe cleaner poking through. Get your green pipe cleaner and twist together with the black pieces.
Voila! Coffee Filter Poppies!

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