Clown Triggerfish Printable Craft

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I spent a day at our local aquarium. She was so into all of the fish, sting rays, and other aquatic life that the hours just flew by. We agreed that one of our favorites there was the Clown Triggerfish. It was tucked away in a small aquarium that we almost missed, but I’m glad we didn’t! It’s a really neat looking fish with stripes and spots.

The printable was quite a challenge to make. I did the main outline of the fish and lighter outlines for the large (white) spots on the lower half. I helped Lorelai paint around those spots (at her request) and she did the rest. Print your own Clown Triggerfish template below!

Other fun fish we’ve crafted: Nemo, Yellow Tang, Blue Tang (Dory), Angelfish, and more!

Open Clown Triggerfish Printable

Facts About Triggerfish
– There are 40 species of triggerfish, and most are carnivores that eat crabs, shrimp, smaller fish and worms.
– They are usually solitary unless it’s time to mate.
– Triggerfish are known for their nasty attitudes – they will charge and bite other fish or humans who come near their nests.
– Triggerfish can lock themselves into small openings with their trigger fins, and even bite down on coral or rock to ensure their safety.

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