{ Christmas Rocks }

How appropriate is the title of this post? =) This wasn’t the planned craft for today. I wasn’t really feeling up to doing the more intricate one that Máyo had picked out to do, so we’re saving that one for tomorrow or this weekend and we did this one instead. Christmas rocks! We had a bunch left over from the various rock crafts we’ve done in the past.

We used tempera paint, and let me say… do not buy the washable kind. It pretty much sucks! (Tempera is pretty much washable normally… no need to buy the higher priced washable kind). It’s really gel-y and doesn’t spread like normal paint; it’s more the consistency of finger paint.

Christmas Rocks!

After she finished with her rocks, I let her paint the paper while I cleaned up and took pictures. She thought she was the coolest thing, painting with three paintbrushes at once. =)


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