Buckeye Caterpillar Craft


Good morning! I am soooo behind on posts here. I literally have 2 months worth of crafts and printables backed up. We visted my family for the whole MONTH of June and we didn’t stop the craftiness. I’ll try to keep the posts coming regularly, so keep an eye out! (You can ‘like’ our Facebook page to get the latest updates!)

So I’ve been making caterpillar crafts to go with our realistic butterflies. I posted this Buckeye Butterfly yesterday, and this is the caterpillar that goes along with it. Mind you, I was working with several caterpillar pictures and this is the caterpillar I came up with. It might not be *perfect* but it’s close to what a buckeye caterpillar actually looks like (though the real one is fuzzier!).

Print below and enjoy!

Open Buckeye Caterpillar Printable

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