Bubble Snakes


Need a simple, yet fun, activity to help fill up these summer days? Look no further; this activity will work out perfectly. I saw these bubble snakes on both Come Together Kids & Housing a Forest (and all over Pinterest) and immediately put it on our “to try” list. Tried and true, this activity is AMAZING.


I was amazed at how easy this was. Just a few materials and you have a hands-on, fun project to do. See below, this was Lorelai Approved. =)




She leaned off of the porch at one point and had her bubble snake almost touching the ground. Then she was “making clouds” with her bubble maker. She did a few short puffs, would push off the little cloud of bubbles, then blow them up into the air – they would float off like little bubble clouds. Fun!!


Lorelai giggled the entire time and kept saying she was having so much fun. We will most definitely be playing with the bubble snake maker many times this summer! It kept her occupied for at least an hour.


Materials are shown above — 1 water bottle with the bottom cut off, 1 sock, 1 elastic hair tie (or rubber band), container with bubble solution (squirt of dish soap and water mixed).


What To Do: Once the bottom of your water bottle is cut off and removed, place the sock onto the end of the water bottle. Pull tight and add the elastic hair tie (or rubberband) to the end — this will hold your sock on. Then, dip into the bubble solution. Next, blow into the mouthpiece of the water bottle and blow!

Make sure your child doesn’t inhale while his/her mouth is on the water bottle – the bubbles will come into the water bottle, and not out.

I hope you get a chance to make some Bubble Snakes with your child. I know I probably overuse the word ‘fun’, but this one really, really was!!! Go try it out!

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