Braided Friendship Bracelets Tutorial


Last week, my six-year-old daughter came home from school and announced that she and three other girls in her class had formed a club – The L Club. They all have names that start with L and they are all best friends. Seriously, how cute is that? She wanted to make friendship bracelets for everyone with the new string & letter beads our friends at sent us recently.

I will admit that I did most of the work. She picked out the colors and the beads, and then held the string (at the knot) while I braided it. The bracelets didn’t take any time at all to make. =)

What You’ll Need – Rainbow Friendship Thread, Letter Beads, & Scissors


Directions –
1. Measure your child’s wrist. I didn’t get an exact measurement so I can’t help you there. Just wrap the string (loosely – so they can slip it over their wrists) and add a few inches. Better to have too much than too little; you can always cut the excess off at the end. Cut all three colors of string the same length, then tie a knot at one end.
2. Have your child hold the string tightly at the knot so you can braid the string. If your little one isn’t up to that task, you can tape that end to a table. Braid the strings together until you’re halfway down.
3. Add your letter bead to one of the strings. Resume braiding around the bead and down the strands.
4. Once your braid is complete, loop the strands together to form your bracelet. Tie off (tightly) a few times, then snip off the ends.

There you go – simple and cute braided friendship bracelets!

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