Bottle Snowman Craft

Hey crafters! Today I’m posting about this adorable craft my six-year-old made the other day: a Bottle Snowman! I have seen similar crafts all over Pinterest and Facebook and decided to set up this activity for her last week. We had a “snow day” on Friday (for ice) and she really enjoyed making this snowman craft on her day off. While we rarely get snow here in Houston, we are both looking forward for the 1-2 inches forecasted for tomorrow! Fingers crossed that it actually sticks so that we can go sledding!

Materials You Will Need-
– A plastic bottle, cleaned of contents & stickers (I used a single-serve Simply Orange bottle)
– Cotton Balls
– Construction Paper (a scrap of orange for the carrot nose and whatever color for the scarf)
– Scissors
– Glue
– A permanent marker

What To Do-
– Fill the bottle up with the cotton balls. Pack them as tightly in there as you wish. =)
– Put the cap on the bottle.
– Cut out nose and scarf from your construction paper.
– Using a dab of a glue stick, secure the nose onto the bottle. Glue the ends of the scarf together.
– Draw on the eyes, mouth, buttons, and stick arms with your marker.
– You’re done!

I hope you get a chance to make a bottle snowman with your little one. It really is a cute winter craft! Be sure to check out our Printable Snowman Craft, Printable Frosty Craft, Snowman with Textured Paint, our Paint the Snow activity, and more fun winter crafts in the Seasonal Crafts Section!

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