{ Blow Art }

This is the first of many Easter crafts I have planned. I know it’s a bit away, but I’ve got a long list and I don’t want to jam them all into a couple of weeks. 🙂

So our first was done with a new (to Lorelai) techniqe called blow art. I used to do this in art class in school and it was always a lot of fun. It’s really simple, too. Just swirl one end of the a short straw around in the paint and then blow hard onto the paper. It creates a pretty fantastic splatter!

We did a cross here, because of Easter, but this can be done on any shape. It takes a lot of supervision, so stay close. 

Finished! Just has to dry so we can cut it out.

She giggled the entire time and was very dramatic about throwing her head back to get a big gulp of air before blowing. Then she decided that the bottom part needed to be mixed, so she used her finger. Once it’s dry, it will be cut up and hung somewhere.

I loved this. We are definitely going to do it again!

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