Bead Ornaments

All was quiet this evening. Dinner was finished, dishes done. Máyo was playing his game and Lorelai was watching a movie because she was dead set on seeing the Little Mermaid again. I’m sick. I have a chest cold or something and my voice is just about gone, though it gets better as the day goes on. Aside from day 1, I feel fine. I’ve been keeping busy and I spent 2.5 hours cleaning and doing laundry this afternoon – a necessary evil. Anyway, I was bored so I wrangled Lorelai away from the movie (it was the “scary” parts anyway and she never watches it) and we made a few simple ornaments for the tree.

We used beads and pipe cleaners. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that we didn’t have red beads so we just went at it with all different colors. =) Soooo simple and fun. They don’t look great, but it’s nice to have just HOMEMADE stuff on the tree instead of it looking like it came out of a store catalog!

Look! They double as bracelets!


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