Advent Calendar Craft

The idea behind this craft was to hang 25 little “pockets” made out of construction paper and put tiny, inexpensive gifts inside. No. It definitely didn’t work out that way. The whole pocket idea failed… we should have just used those mini envelopes like I saw on a bunch of other sites. It’s all fine, though. We’ll just consider it a “traditional” advent calendar instead of one with goodies inside. =) Plus, this way saves me a trip to the store!

The whole family got in on this one. We painted, glued, cut out shapes, glitter-glued, glittered until we could do no more. 25 little sheets is a LOT, but in retrospect, we didn’t spend that much time actually doing it. Maybe a half hour? Lorelai had paint flinging in all directions!

There are few printables for those who would like join in. Links are at the bottom!

The only directions for this craft? Just cut out and decorate squares of paper. (Mine are larger because I wanted to make pockets out of them, but smaller would work, too.) Oh, and have fun!

Open Quotes | Open ClipArt | Open Numbers

* Note: Not all of the quotes I used are there. I didn’t want to add the ones with the frames since I can’t give credit to whoever made the frames (I lost the address). I used this site and this site for the quotes. The “clip art” came from fonts downloaded from here.

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