Printable Mammals Worksheet

I’ve been working with Maddie on animal classification for a while now. It’s one of those concepts you hit on a little every year. Third grade has been no exception! I decided to make this printable mammal worksheet aimed towards elementary-aged kids to help Maddie remember mammal characteristics/facts/etc. There’s a place where they can write down their favorite mammals and draw a little picture. Maddie chose to draw a furry Maine coon. Cats are by far her favorite animal!

Open & Print: Mammals Worksheet

What is your child/childrens’ favorite animal? Please let me know if you found this worksheet to be helpful, and if you’d like me to do other animal types — reptiles, amphibians, etc. Also, please check out the Animal Crafts Section for a lonnnnnnng list of mammal crafts you can do with your child in addition to this worksheet!

Animal photos in this worksheet © Unsplash!

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