100 Days of School Tracker & Hundreds Chart Free Printable

Hey friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Life’s been chaotic and fun; homeschooling, field trips, vacation, and running the kids around to their endless activities has taken up all of my free time. However, we are gearing up to start another school year and I’ve been making different printables to help keep things organized. This 100 Days of School tracker is one of them!

Every morning we do school, I have Maddie, my now first grader (!!), add a sticker to the day. When we reach 100, we have a fun day to celebrate! We LOVE stickers here, so that’s the route we go, but you could just color in the numbers. I hope this is useful for you!! Have a great school year, and see you soon with some fun printables!

Open & Print: 100 Days of School Tracker or Hundreds Chart

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