Whimsy Christmas Tree Craft


Christmas trees are my favorite thing to craft around the holidays. I decided to design a whimsical tree this year for Lorelai to make and she LOVED it. She used paint and “dot dot” paint markers to do this, as well as some gemstones that were given to us from our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com. I […]

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Craft


Christmas is such a fun time to do arts and crafts with my seven year-old daughter. I set this fun craft up for her the other day and she really loved it. She got to color and use glitter glue and gems – her favorite stuff! Materials – Jumbo popsicle stick – Strips of rectangular […]

Glitter Tree Homemade Ornaments


Yesterday I posted an adorable Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament and today I’m continuing on with the tree theme. When I set up our craft station yesterday, I also included this very, very simple craft. Lorelai LOVED it. She is actually happiest when she is flinging glitter in every direction, so I knew this one […]

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament


Christmas is just a few short weeks away and we have been on a roll making homemade ornaments for our tree! Today we made a simple Christmas Tree ornament out of popsicle sticks. It’s one you’ve probably seen before – it’s a classic! I had a little crafting station set up for Lore when she […]

Christmas Tree Sun-Catcher Craft

Christmas Tree Sun-Catcher

Sun-catchers are one of my favorite crafts to do with Lorelai. They can be of anything and are really simple to make. We did a Christmas tree one this afternoon and it turned out really cute. You can see step-by-step pictures on the fall leaf one HERE. I didn’t feel like taking a bunch of […]

{ Simple Handprint Christmas Tree }

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Ah, Christmas crafts… I’ve missed you! After doing a little non-stressful Black Friday shopping yesterday, we put up the Christmas tree. Yep, we are those people. Christmas crafts were surely soon to follow and they did – this morning! Lorelai was excited about this one. She loves Christmas trees and she loves getting her hands […]

{ Holiday Thumbprint Crafts }

Holiday Thumbprint Crafts - Great for homemade cards!

I saw these ideas (minus the assassin snowmen) on Pinterest, and I love how they turned out! They’re going to be cards for grandparents and great-grandparents. =) These are so easy that you don’t even need directions… just look at the picture and do it – they are that easy! Lorelai had a lot of […]

{ Christmas Tree Printing }


Lorelai and I were both bored, Máyo was late, and all of the chores were done. I was about to go turn on the TV when Lorelai saw the craft box on the floor and started digging through it. When she asked to do one (I’m serious, the girl loves her little activities), I was […]

{ Handprint Christmas Tree }

8 hands total, and she insisted on doing the glue.

Lorelai got to choose today’s craft. We were browsing a few of my go-to craft idea websites and she quickly decided on another Christmas tree. I had seen something like this done before and thought it was so cute… so that’s what we did! She was so stoaked about this one – the evidence is […]

O’ Christmas Tree Craft


Good morning, blog land! I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so glad it’s Friday! We don’t have any plans for the weekend other than to go see Santa at the mall (and relax!), but I’m looking forward to it! We started off today with a fun Christmas tree craft. I have a TON […]

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