{ Scratch Art Flower }

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Lorelai asked to do a craft. I had been wanting to do scratch art with her for a long time, but I always forgot… until today! I decided to make it more than just scratch art by making a flower as well, since it’s spring. Lorelai loved it! After we were finished, she got another plate and did another on her own. :) Directions are in the picture captions.

Materials: Paper Plate, Construction Paper – Yellow & Green, Scissors, Glue, Crayons


First color the entire plate different colors. Make sure the colors are really saturated.

Then color a layer of black over the entire thing. Make sure it's thick so that not a lot of color shows through.

With something kind of sharp (we used screws - lol) scratch designs and scribbles into the black. The colors will show through!

Then trace a circular object and cut out the petals for the flower, as well as the stem and leaf. Glue onto the paper plate.

p.s. I hate taking photos in our dining room – the white balance is impossible to get right.

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  1. Jai says

    What a super cute idea!! I would have never thought of something like that!!! It’s adorable!

  2. says

    this came out beautiful! I would love to try this! I think my son would really enjoy it.. thanks for the inspiration


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