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Growing up in the country was always an adventure. One of those adventures was sneaking to the neighborhood up the road that housed a small llama farm. To our little country-bumpkin eyes, those animals were totally exotic and neat with their long, long necks, and straight-forward stares. My uncle used to tell us stories about the time a llama spit at him once. We always made sure to not get to close after that. =)
Lorelai decided to paint her llama craft yellow and orange. He’s the happiest llama around with a big ol’ smile. I hope you’re able to get some use out of this printable… grab it below!

Open Llama Printable

Facts About Llamas
– Llamas are considered a relative of the camel, except without the hump!
– They are commonly used as pack animals as they are able to carry a lot of weight and walk long distances.
– However, put too much weight on a llama’s back and he might refuse to move at all!
– Like cows, llamas graze on grass and regurgitate their food and chew it as cud.
– Llamas are about as tall as a man and can weigh around 250 lbs!
– Read more fun facts about llamas here!

Farm Raised Llamas – Video

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