Printable Dragon Craft

Printable Dragon Craft

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Lorelai is a huge fan of Dragon Tales, the old kids television show about a little girl, Emme, and her brother Max, who travel to Dragonland. She has been watching it whenever she gets on Netflix, and loves that I used to watch it when I was younger, too. I finally got around to making a dragon craft for her. After dinner, she painted her dragon (green and purple – her choice) and glued/assembled. I cut out. Be patient with the scales on the back, as there are a lot of them. It only took me a couple of extra minutes to get them all cut out. It definitely looks like it takes more time than it actually does, so don’t be intimidated! =) Print below and enjoy!

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  1. Grace says

    Thank you so much for this great printable. I am doing a “knights & princess” theme this week and this is the perfect dragon crafts. =)


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