Mayflower Printable Craft

Mayflower Craft for kids


I made this printable over a week ago, but we just got around to doing it this afternoon. Lorelai was excited about her “boat” craft and just plowed on through it. The story behind the craft wasn’t as thrilling to her. Maybe next year? LOL. Print below.

Materials We Used:

  • (2) Cardstock – 1 for printing, 1 for the background
  • Paint – Brown, Tan (white/brown mixed), Black, Blue
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Directions: As with every other printable, print the Mayflower craft onto a piece of cardstock and have your child paint the pieces. On the other sheet of cardstock, have them paint waves for the boat to sit in. Once dry, cut out the ship pieces and assemble and glue down.Very easy. =)

Open Mayflower Printable

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