Handprint Nativity Animals

Handprint Nativity Animals Craft

Camel & Cow

Donkey & Lamb

I stumbled across this awesome craft from Planet of the Apels last night and knew we had to do it today. It’s so simple, yet packs a powerful punch. We did our Nativity Scene Craft yesterday and this went hand-in-hand with it. As the nativity craft didn’t have many animals, this was a great craft to supplement it.

Materials We Used:
Construction Paper: Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Red
Tempera Paint: White, Black, Brown
Paint Pen/Black Sharpie

The animals themselves were pretty simple to make – just paint your child’s hand whatever color the animal is, and press it down onto construction paper. (Note: Don’t forget to use your paintbrush to add on tails, and in the camel’s case, the rest of his head!) Once dry, draw on the extras – you can outline it, add eyes and ears, spots, tail outlines, and hooves. We went a different route than the original craft and I wrote each poem above and below animal. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! Thanks again Planet of the Apels!

The words are kind of hard to see in my picture, so here they are:

Camel: I am the camel – who followed the star – with three wise kings – to a land afar
Cow: I am the cow – who offered my hay – so the Savior would have – a warm place to lay
Lamb: I am the lab – who heard angels sing – about where to find – the newborn king
Donkey: I am the donkey – meek and mild – who carried Mary – great with child

All in all, a fun Christmas craft! I hope you all get a chance to do this with your child. Handprint crafts are always a hit here.

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