Easter Egg & Bunny Garland

Easter Garland Craft

I’ve had this craft designed and printed at least a week ago, probably longer. I’ve been in a crafting funk because I’m running out of supplies and things are kinda tight at the moment. Anyway, I pulled out the watercolors and Lorelai painted the different pieces. She’s getting really excited about Easter and all that goes along with it, so this was perfect for today. I really enjoyed our Shamrock Garland and it’s still hanging. The directions are basically the same, so go here if you need them! We aren’t 100% done with this craft yet. I’m out of string so it’s sitting in a pile waiting to be strung. I’ll post a complete picture once I have it hung! Printable below. Print multiple times for more eggs/bunnies!

Open Easter Egg & Bunny GarlandPrintable

As I mentioned above, directions are the same as the Shamrock Garland!

EDIT 4/6: Finally got string! Here’s the final product! I wish I had printed out a few more sheets for more eggs/bunnies. It’s pretty short just by itself.

Finally finished!

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  1. says

    What kind of watercolors do you use? They look so much more vibrant than any water color I’ve ever found/used!

  2. admin says

    No idea, Katie. I got them back in highschool when I was into painting and the name isn’t listed on the tubes. It’s not like the little crayola watercolors though. They are the liquid-y kind.

  3. says

    Thanks, Kim! We are having a playdate today and I will be attempting to do this with three girls! I think it’s gonna get messy!


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