Kangaroo Rat with Printable


What a precious little animal! I’d never heard of kangaroo rat before my seven-year-old daughter and I researched desert animals and came across it. But, I’m glad we did! This one was loved by all with its compact little body, cute face, and long tail. =) Print and read up on the facts below! Open […]

Butterfly Sun-Catcher with Printable


Sun-catchers are one of our favorite types of crafts to make. They are fun to make and always turn out really cute. See: Turtle | Heart | Earth… You only need a few materials — the printed template, scissors, contact paper, and tissue paper cut into small squares. Open & Print: Butterfly Sun-Catcher Craft Directions: […]

Jackrabbit Craft with Printable


Here is another craft I have been sitting on since before my baby was born 2 months ago. Um, oops! It’s funny how a baby can make time just fly right by. I’m really enjoying this newborn stage. I feel like with my first daughter and her prolonged NICU stay, the beginning went too fast. […]

African Savannah Animals Round-Up


The Savannah Grasslands of Africa was such a fun biome to “study” with my seven year-old daughter. She came up with the idea of making a bunch of animals from this particular area of the world, and I thought it was a great idea. We sat down and made a big list of animals with […]

Red-Billed Hornbill Printable Craft


Remember Zazu, the feisty bird from the movie The Lion King? Well, he’s a Red-Billed Hornbill, the same type of bird I’m featuring as a craft today! When coming up with a list of African Savannah animals, we chose to include this one for some variation. We have lots of mammals and needed a bird […]

Leopard Printable Craft


Another addition to our African Savannah animal list is this Leopard. This big cat has always been one of Lorelai’s favorites. When she was younger, she crafted these baby big cats (make one a leopard!) and was excited to do this adult version. She had fun with the spots and got quite creative in a […]

Gazelle Printable Craft


Continuing on with the African Savannah theme, today I’m posting the Gazelle craft we made last week. Lore (7) was really funny when she was painting these crafts. She’s usually really laid back when picking out colors to paint her animals, but she insisted on making the Savannah animals realistically colored. So that meant lots […]

Realistic Lion Printable Crafts


When coming up with a list of animals for our African Savannah unit, the lion was at the top of our list. In the past, we have made a cartoon lion craft and a paper plate lion mask, but this is the first realistic version. We decided to go for the whole family this time […]

Wildebeest Printable Craft


Lorelai and I are working hard on completing our African Savannah theme this week while she’s off of school for Spring Break. I doubt we’ll get all of the crafts up on the website in that short of time, but they will be posted soon. Today I’m sharing the Wildebeest craft I designed and she […]

Baboon Printable Craft


On our mission to do an African Savannah theme during our spring break, we came across the baboon! This cheeky (hehe) primate was fun to find and design, and Lorelai enjoyed painting & assembling him. Grab your printable copy below and check out the fun baboon facts at the bottom of this point. Enjoy! Open […]

Warthog Printable Craft


Lorelai and I are working on a new theme during spring break — the African Savannah! One of the first animals that came to mind in that category was the warthog. We recently watched Lion King and Pumba is one of the characters in that movie that we both loved. Designing and crafting this one […]

Kingfisher Printable Craft


Kingfisher birds are found all over the world, and the species we did is brightly colored and beautiful! My 7 year-old decided to try out her new neon paints for this craft and they worked perfectly in capturing the brightness of the kingfisher. Grab your copy of the printable below and enjoy! You can also […]

Cupcake Craft with Printable


Mmm, cupcakes! This sweet craft is a printable one! My daughter chose to use our sparkly “cosmic” paint for her cupcake, but regular paint or crayons/markers will work, too. Open & Print: Cupcake Craft Print above and enjoy! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page | Pinterest

Googly Eye Monster Crafts


If you’re looking for a fun craft, look no further! This was one my seven year-old came up with and I designed. She wanted to make “googly eye monsters” with the hundreds of googly eyes we currently own. We’ve made several monster crafts in the past, including Handprint Monsters & Characters from Monster’s Inc.… we […]

Valentine’s Heart Sun-Catcher Craft


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have been enjoying all of the heart crafts. =) This is not our first heart sun-catcher craft. You can see our previous ones here and here. I prefer this type, though, with the shape outlined and colored and the inside a tissue collage. You can find […]

Valentine’s Reading Challenge Printable


Whether you have a reluctant reader or a book worm, a reading challenge is always a good incentive to get your child reading – and keep them reading! My daughter happens to fall in the latter category; she’s never far from a book and usually has her nose stuck in one. I decided to make […]

Newt Printable Craft


Whenever I think of newts, I think of that scene in the movie Matilda where the students put a newt in the evil headmaster’s water glass. It’s a classic! A reader suggested this craft, and I’m glad she did. Lorelai loved it. I made this one with only two legs. With the side-angle of the […]

Whimsy Christmas Tree Craft


Christmas trees are my favorite thing to craft around the holidays. I decided to design a whimsical tree this year for Lorelai to make and she LOVED it. She used paint and “dot dot” paint markers to do this, as well as some gemstones that were given to us from our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com. I […]

Santa’s Sleigh Printable Craft


A big thanks to the reader who suggested this fun craft. Lorelai loved decorating her Santa sleigh with “dot-dot” paint markers. Talk about making crafting easy! =) Grab your free sleigh printable below, and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Crafts Round-Up for more fun ideas! Open Santa Sleigh Printable Craft Printable Instructions | […]

Months of the Year Printable


Today I’m sharing a [hopefully] helpful set of shapes with the months of the year on them. This set would be good to cut out and hang up on a wall or chalk/white board. Or you can always use them as flashcards! I’ll be posting a Days of the Week set soon, so be sure […]

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