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Fall Crafts Round-Up

Crisp air, pumpkins, apple cider, hoodies, festivals, new pencils, and more… fall is one of my favorite seasons! Welcome to my Fall Crafts Round-Up! Here you will find most of autumn-themed crafts that we have done over the years. Please subscribe to our Facebook Page for updates… I will try to keep this post as […]


Footprint Butterfly Craft

Materials: Cardstock (2), Tempera Paint, Marker, Glue, Scissors. Footprint crafts are a good route to go with babies and small toddlers. They are for sure a lot easier than handprint crafts! While big sister was painting a craft a while back, I sat the baby down in her bumbo, painted her feet, and pressed it […]


Printable Minecraft Alex Craft

It’s time for another Minecraft printable craft! This time, Alex is up for printing! We have already made Steve, a Creeper, and a Sheep! What do you think will come next? Print below and enjoy! Open & Print: Minecraft Alex Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page | Pinterest | Instagram


Book of the Week #13

Title: Squirrel’s Busy Day Author: Lucy Barnard Welcome to this week’s featured book of the week! Today I’m sharing a super cute book by Lucy Barnard entitled Squirrel’s Busy Day. We found this book tucked away in a packed bookshelf in our local library. It was one of many that we rented out that day, […]


Printable Minecraft Sheep Craft

Continuing on with our Minecraft theme, here is a fun one — the sheep! You can see our other Minecraft crafts (Steve & Creeper) or check out the Characters Section for other fun character crafts. Print the template below and enjoy! There’s a basic coloring guide on the side of the printable that will help […]


Lighthouse Printable Craft

Summer is quickly coming to an end and Lorelai’s second grade orientation is coming up this week. I don’t think any of us is ready to get back into the school year schedule. She gets home so late… after homework, dinner, and her shower, there is not much time for anything else. We have had […]


Printable Minecraft Craft: Creeper

As I mentioned last week in our Minecraft: Steve post, my almost eight-year-old daughter is obsessed with any and everything Minecraft. I made a bunch of pixelated templates with the different characters and animals for her to paint. The creeper was the second one she chose to make. For the creeper, I quickly mixed together […]


Printable Pencil Craft

Hey crafters, can you believe it’s time to start rolling out school and fall related crafts? This summer has flown by for me. Anyway, today I’m sharing a simple pencil craft. I actually designed this craft LAST fall, but forgot all about it. The template link is below – enjoy! Open & Print: Pencil Craft […]


Printable Minecraft Craft: Steve

My seven year-old is OBSESSED with Minecraft. It is her favorite thing ever and has been for the last year. In fact, her birthday party next month is going to be Minecraft themed! I thought it was well past time to make a few Minecraft crafts (hehe) for her. The first one up is STEVE, […]


Rhinoceros Hornbill Printable Craft

When we spottted this bird on a recent trip to the zoo, Lorelai (my soon-to-be 8 year-old) and I immediately wrote it down on our craft list. This is such a neat bird and is very big! The craft looks almost exactly like the real thing — something Lore just commented on when I was […]


Giant Burmese Python Craft

Today I’m posting a GIANT SNAKE! A Burmese Python to be exact, though you could easily modify it (just paint right on over those spots!) if you want a less-specific snake. I had to make the snake a bit skinnier than I would have liked in order to get it to fit on the printables […]


Mandrill Printable Craft

Ah, the Mandrill. We have a couple of these at our local zoo and they are always fun to watch. Sometimes they are sitting there like sentries, watching us, and other times they are roaming. We did this craft last week and it turned out so cute. Note: the face of this mandrill is pretty […]


Tapir Printable Craft

The tapir is such an interesting animal… we had to do a paper craft one! We actually did this one back in FEBRUARY (yes, it’s the end of July). I was going back through my folders and found the picture above and realized I never put it up on the website. I blame it on […]


Printable Pretend Play Set: Zoo

Good morning! I’m so exited about what I’m sharing today: our Zoo Pretend Play Set! We have had so much fun with our other sets in the past that I had to make another. This set is for any little zoo lover that wishes to be a zookeeper (or zoo vet!) one day… or for […]


Mole Printable Craft

When I was a kid, I once found an injured mole laying outside of its tunnel in our yard. I don’t know what happened to it, since it was gone the next day, but I’m guessing it survived. They would tunnel beneath the grass, leaving little squishy humps all over the place. It drove my […]


Printable Dinosaur Craft: Giganotosaurus

Did you know there was a predator dinosaur even bigger even than the tyrannosaurus rex? It’s called the Giganotosaurus! It reached lengths up to 43 feet and weighed-in around 14 tons! The craft I designed of the giganotosaurus is also pretty big! It’s a 2-page printable and the finished product is almost 2 feet long. […]


Printable Dinosaur Craft: Dilophosaurus

Here is another dinosaur that we’ve crafted recently — the dilophosaurus! This neat little guy was also on the first movie of Jurassic Park — the one that ate the “shaving cream guy.” Lorelai painted her dino yellow. There’s another one coming soon, so keep an eye out for that on our Facebook Page! Print […]


Raven Printable Craft

A raven craft was requested when we were doing our desert animal crafts. Lorelai loves ravens — mainly because she was born in Baltimore, MD, home to Ravens football team. She crafted her raven with blank paint, then cosmic paint on top of that. Print a copy of our raven template below! Open & Print […]


Anteater Printable Craft

I can’t believe June is almost over. This summer is just flying by! I don’t know about you all, but I’m hoping it slows down a bit. I’m really enjoying the time with my big girl (7) while she’s off of school. Today I’m sharing the anteater craft we made a couple weeks ago. Lorelai […]

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